Day Eight: Introduce Yourself… #bloggingfundamentals 2017

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“The advances made by our own efforts become considerable seals.

The best “prizes” are hanging on the Friendship Clothesline. ”

Ma Socorro


Day Seven: Start Personalizing… #bloggingfundamentals 2017


It’s me that I love you …
On all fingered keys
In the late hours of the morning
Boiling heart for you

I’m the one who calls you …
Way beyond words
I want to feel touch
Serenely love you

Am I listening when they step on the aisle
Deep of soul in the longing of you.
Ma Socorro

Day Three: Visit the… #bloggingfundamentals 2017

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You are part of this path
Who steps on the same tiles
In every step here I found:
Peace Joy Serenity Love

You who are part of this alchemy
Who dreams the same dreams
Those who remain, remain

When we hear the voice of the heart, the paths are renewed
We sail freely in the corridors of the soul. You’re part!
Ma Socorro