New Year 2017


New Year We will receive every day with everything new and so be in our lives as a river that goes and passing leaves its mark of Joy. Peace for you and all loved ones be filled with health, happiness, joy, success, lots of money, I would like to bring love and peace.Happy New Year!

#introtopoetry – Day Ten – Future


Oh playful consumable candle
Suddenly your relentless glare
Seduces the intoxicating heat
Giant volcano: sun or pin

Beautiful dream. Supreme. Last
Decipher it will be intoxicating
Each time contagious
I live the maximum dreams

Oh unprecedented night dream
Risk simple fascinates heart
Nostalgia rides the folly

I seek snuggling such emotion
The light in the dark turns destination
Unheard love. Sweet sensation.

Ma Socorro

#introtopoetry – Day Seven – Flavor


Looking forward to an angle
A discovery view
In the beautiful enchanted garden

Beauty seduces
Flowing like spell
exuberant image
Erica every desire
In ardent longings
Taste sweet lips

intoxicating pleasure
The taste of your mouth
Exotic! Unbelievable!

Ma Socorro

#introtopoetry – Day Six – Screen


Eu pensei voar no infinito

Transladar minha alma

Do mundo faz-de-conta

Para te encontrar

Eu pensei gritar ao mundo

Extraviar meu peito

Num dia lindo te amar

Sem fantasia nem vício

Entre as cores e o tempo

Viver um amor contagiante

Sem limite inescapável

Eu em Você absolutamente

Ma Socorro