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Day Fourteen: Create Your Own Feature #bloggingfundamentals 2017


Genuine Word
Announce the Good News
Exalting in supplications
O Lord God,
Real Source
Of life
Of love
Of hope
In times of restlessness
Celebrate with Joy
Love and your mercies
That they are perfect ideals
To achieve many lives
They Need You
Contemplate the Nations
Your Strength and Power
The prowess of your love
And your salvation

Lord, are you the guarantors?
The dawning of the dawn, the future
Ma Socorro



Day Thirteen: Build Your Brand #bloggingfundamentals 2017

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In the caress of a dream

Thanks, I give you

O my Lord

For your faithfulness

For it was the Lord

Who made this:

Make my dreams come true

Expanded over me

Your wonders

Thanks, I give you

O my Lord

For my life

For your protection

For the blessings received

For your gifts

Why did not you desert me?

Thanks, I give you

O my Lord

From my voice

From my digital

And I humbly ask you

So that I can disclose

Your love and your grace

To all Peoples of Earth


The Lord is good; let the earth rejoice;

Let us rejoice in Love and in its fullness!

Ma Socorro

Day twelve: Make Some New… #bloggingfundamentals 2017


Silence and emptiness
Involve in sighs
My soul
In these moments
My heart flies for you.
I feel so fragile
I need you
Take care of me
For You are my Lord.
And my liberator
Bless me very much.
Extend my domains
Strengthens my future
Lead and guide all my steps
Hold me in your wings
Give me a new heart.
And a broken spirit
Come to my aid
Oh El Shaday
I need you
Take care of me
Oh my Lord!

Na nor does anyone replace God’s Love
Ma Socorro

Day Ten: Build… #bloggingfundamentals 2017


Rare moments

Hear your voice

In inexpressible whispers


Rare moments

Taste the taste of your kisses

That make me drunk


Rare moments

Seek Happiness and Delight

From an unforgettable hug

In the warmth of your chest

In convulsive desires

From your hands that imprison me

To your crazy whims


Rare moments

In insane delusions

Ripping my heart

No domain at your fingertips

Ma Socorro


Day Eleven: Make a Prompt #bloggingfundamentals 2017