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#Learning Fundaments! – Day Nine – “Get Inspired the Neighbords”



It had to be you
Girl pleasant
The bewitch my eyes
At late afternoon
It had to be you
What would my hand
With your smile simple
I won my heart
It had to be you
My beautiful mnina
I could not resist your tenderness
I want just for me

Ma Socorro

P.S. Photo of the: Michelle Cozinhe

It Had To Be You


#Learning Fundaments! Day Eight. ” Yourself to the Neighbors”


Look into my eyes … That tells you the iris?
Perception in the pupil … Friendship, love, passion, life.
They say: – They are lights of my soul! Mirror shining.

– What is the risk? It is without limit, without price or age. It is an infinite light. It comes suddenly becomes a chemical.
If love is a mystery … I live eternal magic.

Ma Socorro

#introtopoetry – Day Seven – Flavor


Looking forward to an angle
A discovery view
In the beautiful enchanted garden

Beauty seduces
Flowing like spell
exuberant image
Erica every desire
In ardent longings
Taste sweet lips

intoxicating pleasure
The taste of your mouth
Exotic! Unbelievable!

Ma Socorro