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Day Five – Comments – Bootcamp


Reality overshadowed by dreams
Where transported with caresses
Nimble feelings involving
The heart of the life that extol

Fascinating and beautiful your smile
Magic behind refreshing the soul
dark traces. great love
Weather Stations that calms me

Captivates me with kisses and wine glasses
Your lips infatuation fremem
Ephemeral desire. Memories.

Conquest me valuable reflection
Delirium in look. Explode. fanning
The fullness of love. Connection
Ma Socorro


Day Four – Disagreement – Bootcamp


In the silence
Eloquent exciting vibrant
Reflect on that channel brands
Stars that shine
Record the facts of the world serenely
The silence of so many people
Silence marks
Do not go out nor collect
Are spells of reality
Enchants the mind
When marked in pencil tip
Fingering on a keyboard
Concretized as bright stones
The most beautiful dreams
In deep silence
Where celebrates Love Peace
Always seeking the Truth
In the audience the stars shining
Draw with smiles in silence
Silently the marks are written
Win or lose
always bright
Marks are recorded in silence

Ma Socorro

Day Three – Questions – Bootcamp


He loves it … No explanation
Moments of happiness … Live It!
Optimism is always live happily … Live every second
Rare is win a real love
Truth and loyalty is the pledge of love
Eternal will always love … Love never fails
Renova life when we truly love
Two souls entwine … They love to … Applause!
Friendship and love are wonderful things
Determines love humanity
Emana live life in love with sincerity
It evokes learn that happiness is simplicity
Lustre is love in full joy
Essence of life: to love and be loved
The eternal light of truth
Freedom! Loyalty! Free To Love …
Delight is to live, love …
Believe me … Love is true happiness
Dazzles in different magic
Emotion and passion cry Love and Happiness

Ma Socorro


Day Two – Story – Bootcamp


It’s never too late to live
Live and make it happen
What we have good
Share the love
Interact well
Forget the evil
Lying is one of them
They say here in the northeastern backlands
That lie has short legs
The truth always comes up
the executioner unfortunate that mind
Take the smile of many people
The liar executioner
Kill the soul
Ails time
Life is beautiful and fleeting
To live is fantastic
We have the heart
Love that never fails
Let us dedicate our lives
To love
Living the Truth
Poor metiroso executioner
Although speak the truth
Everyone says that mind

Ma Socorro

Day one – Talking – Bootcamp


Walks in the gloom
Lonely heart
In drizzling in narrow path
Feel the cold hit the silence
In the dim light, shade
The eyes no longer shine
No lunar charm
Sailing at dusk
in looking
In the dim light, shade
Upon hearing melodies moaning
Shudders all the icy body
The shadow of love
Shines again
The splendor of the star d ‘alb
Brings joy, joy
At the end of the path
there glimmer
Announces the sunrise
There is fire on the lips
Hoisted love
Avalanche by reason
It makes bloom
A radical love

Ma Socorro