Be Inspired By the Neighbors blogging 101.jan 2016


I imagined a second soul of particles

Amazing floating atoms of a rainbow in the blue sky

Immortal flight of my thoughts beyond the beautiful auroras


I imagined the essence of joy that infects me

I imagined a time when laughter of your lips

I imagined the beauty of five minutes of happiness eclipse


I imagined the value of little things invisible

I pictured in the link of friendship fertilizing humanity

Lighting in thy sight of the beloved heart bezel


I imagined in the embrace of warmth overflowing fraternity

I imagined the beautiful journey of life divide the days to your side

I figured the shelter of passion kill my longing


I imagined the nations celebrating with red carnations

Radiating microscope that captures the sensitivity

Instantly solidify in time Love

Ma Socorro

P.S. Photo: Majka (THINGS THAT ARE SMALL – week #14)



6 thoughts on “Be Inspired By the Neighbors blogging 101.jan 2016

    • I don't like that I can't turn autoplay off in my settings. I wanna watch the videos that I wanna watch in the order I wanna watch them not in the order that someone dictates. And I may not wanna watch ALL the videos in my &qmrm;oecoutendations". My 2 cents worth is to make this "lean-back" feature an option and let those that enjoy it enjoy it and those of us that don't like it or don't wanna use it be able to turn it off in our settings.

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