Love Your Theme – blogging 101.jan 2016


It was such a special day
The sun kissed me the window
One two three times illuminated with your light
It was not a dream I was awake
Magic of the gods
Your light kissed my face
Your look made him happy that day
I dreamed you …
I’ve loved you…
Nothing else
It was late summer
And love is made real
When the sun enlightened me
On that late afternoon
Ma Socorro


6 thoughts on “Love Your Theme – blogging 101.jan 2016

      • The peace of our God
        First I am honored by the privilege to be present as his guest. Now extend peace to all who need peace and affection. Our God is wonderful overflows with joy those who are sad and slaughtered. Just believe. Bringing the Word to those who have not heard is to fulfill the “Go”. Our heart as messengers buzzing for that reason because the time is to seek the Lord while He may be found. It is behind the pulpit as a human being that we are our base shakes but the Holy Spirit of the Lord empowers us. No word back empty. Sowing here is a fantastic gift. May our God bless us.

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