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Half of Me – Ma Socorro – 2015

Half of Me – Ma Socorro – 2015
Book Printed eighth of Culture Publishing Point Ltda RJ

Video highlighting Poetry: I LOVE YOU



Half of Me – Ma Socorro – 2015
Book Printed eighth of Culture Publishing Point Ltda RJ


Half shines beyond the romanticism of Dreams in simple, passionate verses where Love is the soul of hypnosis who love poetry. Always encouraging the habit for reading.

Ma Socorro



Create a Feature – blogging 101.jan 2016


I want your most beautiful feeling
Your look more impactful simple
Your reflection peace shoot down my conflicts

I want to live the emotion the best moments
Fall in love with you forever
I love thy presence madly

I want to feel your lack before departure
I want to see your smile upon my arrival
Ma Socorro

Try (Another) Blog Event – blogging 101.jan 2016


I want to see you
Dawn Challenge
Stripping like crazy
My clothes without shame
With your charming look
I want to see you
As the light to shine
Beautiful dancing for me
Sacramentando emotion
The rhythm of our song
I want to see you
At high night hours
As goddess of love
Numb my wishes
Even though my dream
I want you

Ma Socorro

P.S. It gives a peek next to the Page Blog Event


Increase your commenting Confidense – blogging 101.jan 2016


Harbour me between your beautiful dreams
Bright light of my charms
Light kiss with intense glow
Notes with seductive warmth

Authentic flight of thought
Protect me in the wind the ball
The sweet lips interest secrets
Apogee rare feeling

Illuminates the attractive heart
Spokesman emotion sounds in song-mor
Petition extols love without limit

Give me kisses! Give me kisses, love!
Dreams and captivating fantasy
Ephemeral look mesmerizing
Ma Socorro

Make a prompt Personal – blogging 101.jan 2016


I want your laughter as constant love
Even far makes me happy
In your laughter support your presence
Laughter that adorns so sweet hope

Want to have your most beautiful laugh
Soft cup pulsating shining
You are my other half
Perfect happiness mystical

I believe in the unpredictable love
Delivery your laughter maddened
The waiting is light of a kind dream

Your laughter transcends existence
In your mouth unparalleled laughter sighed
Your laughter delights life. Delicious

Ma Socorro

Be Inspired By the Neighbors blogging 101.jan 2016


I imagined a second soul of particles

Amazing floating atoms of a rainbow in the blue sky

Immortal flight of my thoughts beyond the beautiful auroras


I imagined the essence of joy that infects me

I imagined a time when laughter of your lips

I imagined the beauty of five minutes of happiness eclipse


I imagined the value of little things invisible

I pictured in the link of friendship fertilizing humanity

Lighting in thy sight of the beloved heart bezel


I imagined in the embrace of warmth overflowing fraternity

I imagined the beautiful journey of life divide the days to your side

I figured the shelter of passion kill my longing


I imagined the nations celebrating with red carnations

Radiating microscope that captures the sensitivity

Instantly solidify in time Love

Ma Socorro

P.S. Photo: Majka (THINGS THAT ARE SMALL – week #14)