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Happy New Year – 2016


During the day each year all happens but it’s RENEWAL to reach new times … that Jesus is always our Lord to welcome us every day of our lives.

Ma Socorro


Merry Christmas – 2015


Our God has given us the best gift: Jesus.
The birth of Jesus was very important because he was born with a mission: to die and rise again to save the world from sin. His birth was the beginning of the fulfillment of God’s great plan for our lives. A Peace of Christmas to all people.

Day 10 – Farewell – writing 101.dez 2015


Whispers a wish your smile
Disguises the longing cry of the angel
Do not leave me … Sweet dream draughty

Is confused in your loving lip
The infatuation enticing pleasure
Oh! Do not leave me … What to do?

Never hidden from view. lovely charm
Last breath a look. Covenant.

Ma Socorro

PS Happy Holidays to friends of “writing 101” .dez 2015