Dia 3. Trust – Writing 201


C.olossal junção
O.stenta plenitude real
N.os eleva em sensação de
I.nfalível e eficaz
A.liança do Amor
N.os completa as metades
LaÇ.o perfeito
A.mor exato

Ma Socorro


S.hines feverish fascination

R.are magic in fragile mirror

S.ingle key. Trust vetoed…

Love S.tamp freezes thirsty

S.hy cold breaks the spell

Ma Socorro


One thought on “Dia 3. Trust – Writing 201

  1. Once again I am in complete agreement with Gazza: star rating, joy, fun, loving the pangram and Ninas and everything. I decided it was too hard to pick favourite clues but I agree with your &#;m&68plu2pings1#8217;. Superb, thank you very much Elgar. Thanks to Gazza too.I have a feeling that the rest of the weeks Toughies won’t match today’s and yesterday’s offerings. Fingers crossed I am proved wrong.

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